Best metro/subway stations in Moscow

Best metro/subway stations in Moscow

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I lived in Moscow for almost a year from 1998 to 1999. One of the things I liked the most was visiting the different metro stations. In this post I want to share the ones I liked the most, those I consider the best metro/subway stations in Moscow.

First, let’s start with some facts: Moscow metro is the world’s second most heavily used with an average of 6.6 million users a day. Besides its beauty, the Moscow Metro works efficiently and the trains run very frequently and very fast. The original plan for building a metro system in Moscow dates back to the times of the Russian Empire, but had to be postponed because of World War I, the October Revolution and the Russian Civil War. In 1931 Stalin finally decided to start the construction of “the people’s palaces”, a display of the best Soviet architecture and design. During World War II many of the larger stations were used for important political meetings. During the Cold War, Arbat line stations were planned as shelters in the event of nuclear war with the United States.

Many of Moscow’s metro stations are elegant architectural masterpieces, with sculptures, giant chandeliers and mosaics. The ones I like the most are:

  • Ploschad Revolutsii: opened in 1938, the station features 76 magnificent bronze statues of soldiers and workers who defended the Soviet nation. This is the best station for visiting the Red Square.
  • Mayakovskaya: Impressive, elegant and large station with glistening chrome columns and vaults adorned with mosaic panels.
  • Komsomolskaya: Designed in the 50s, this is the most popular station in Moscow. A beautiful Baroque style palace adorned with arched yellow ceiling decorated with intricate medallions, giant chandeliers and large mosaics.
  • Other amazing stations are: Arbatskaya, Belorusskaya and Kievskaya. Among the new ones and far from the center, you´ll find beautiful stations such as Dostoyevskaya or Strogino. On your way to Ismailosky Park’s Market, which I imagine you’ll visit in your first time to Moscow, stop by Eletrozavodskaya. I loved that one too.

I recommend getting a cyrillic and phonetic metro map so you can compare the symbols, it will help you get around.

Did I miss any special station?

Is there a station that should definitely be listed in this post and I have forgotten? Have you got any suggestion to improve this blog? If so, please place a comment 🙂

Interesting links about the Moscow Metro, definitely the most impressive metro in the world:
Official website
Interactive evolution of Moscow Metro
Map in two languages (really useful)

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  1. Hello! At this moment I am reading a Martin Cruz Smith novel which features his popular criminal investigator,Arkady Renko.At this moment,Renko is down in the Metro on a strange mission! In the story,he goes to Komsomol Square which is called locally “Three Stations” because of Leningrad,Yaroslavsky and Kazan Stations which are there.Apparently,the architecture is different in all three. If you like Moscow or anything Russian,you should read Mr Smith’s books because apart from being thrilling and mysterious,they give a very strong and informative picture of Russian life.Good travelling! Cheers Mick Such.

  2. I saw the moscow metro in 1990 to 1993. it was really beautiful.
    if got a chance I’ll there again.

  3. Please do not go to Russia.
    1. The ecological situation is really bad there.
    2. The people are aggressive and mean.
    3. It is kind of scary.
    4. It is boring.

    Go to some sunny beach instead where people are actually nice!


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