Guatemala's best lakes and lagoons

Guatemala’s best lakes and lagoons

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Guatemala is full of volcanoes, some of them feature turquoise lagoons, which fill their craters and stand 2,700 meters above sea level. Many of them are considered sacred by locals. I went there in 1993. I Especially liked Semuc Champey (natural pools), Ayarza (sleeping overnight at its shore is unforgettable) or Atitlan (the bigger and most popular, where I had the chance of doing water skiing in between the volcanoes!!). My friend Norma from Guatemala told me I missed Chicabal Lagoon and Lachua (the sky’s mirror) 🙂

Lakes and Lagoons, Semuc Champey, Atitlan

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  1. Interesting read, thanks! I finally see the larger picture 🙂

  2. Thanks Roni. I launched the blog 2 days ago and yours is the first comment. Congratulations and thanks!! I’m very glad you liked it