The Akha Experience in Laos

The Akha Experience in Laos. Photo: Pedro Sagüés

The Akha Experience in Laos

The Akha Experience is a community-based trekking that takes the participants on a three day learning experience into the culture and daily life of the Akha tribe in Muang Sing (Laos).

I did the experience in 2007. It consisted of a 6 hour a day trekking through the forest where we had the opportunity to visit eight villages, meet their villagers and learn their culture. We slept in their lodges, ate their food, played with their children, learned to spin cotton or pound rice, sang their songs at camp fires…

It’s an amazing experience that gives you the change to share three days with people with few resources but tons of happiness

More information about the Akha Experience.
People ask me if there is any special equipment you should wear or bring to the bush. Although you really don’t need it, I’d recommend to take a compass with you. I bought mine at this great website plenty of great gifts for adventurers.

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Photo credits: Pedro Sagüés