Sault, the capital of the Lavender

Sault, the capital of the Lavende. Pedro Sagues

Sault, the capital of the Lavender

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People often associate French Provence with the lavender fields. When visiting the Provence and not seeing them, they usually get disappointed. Visiting Sault, the capital of the Lavender, is the only way of really enjoying the magnificent views of the lavender fields, walk through them and smell its aroma. If you’re asking yourself: Where can I find the best Lavender fields? Sault is the answer. You won’t be disappointed, trust me: Sault is what Provence really looked like in your mind and, definitely, one of the best places in the world.

Lavender is harvested from July to October. After that, very few fields remain unharvested so the tourist can enjoy them. I really encourage you to visit Sault before September. On August 14th and 15th is the Lavender Festival. The celebration comprises games, competitions and other activities to do with lavender, including sales exhibition of local products.

I recommend taking the “Chemin des Lavandes”, a 1,5km walk through the Lavender fields and distilleries.

If you’re coming from Avignon, take the road through Mazan and you’ll enjoy the beautiful views from the Mount Ventoux

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Photo credits: Pedro Sagüés

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