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Lucca, a beautiful town in the Tuscany

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Lucca, a beautiful town in the Tuscany

A 30 minutes drive from Pisa or the mediterranean sea you’ll find Lucca, one of the best places to visit in Tuscany and one of the best places in the world. An enormously thick 15th-century wall (on top of which you can walk or cycle and enjoy nice views of the town), protects some of Italy’s finest medieval architecture.

Besides the Duomo of San Martino or the Church of San Frediano, I’d suggest simply walking down the streets and enjoying the multiple palaces, have a superb cafe at any of the tiny bars, an ice cream at the wonderful italian gelaterias or having dinner late at night at any of the multiple romantic restaurants. Don’t forget to visit Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, a beautiful circle square that used to shelter the roman spectacles, and climb the 130 ft. Guinigi tower on top of which you’ll enjoy the best views of Lucca… under the shade of an oak tree!! Yes, an oak tree on top of the tower 🙂
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Best places to visit in Tuscany

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Best places to visit in Tuscany

One of the best places to visit in Europe is Tuscany, thanks to, probably, the greatest repository of art, its renowned history, its wonderful landscapes (with sweet hills, tall cypress trees and superb bays overlooking the sea) and its famous food and wine.

Among all the beautiful towns, I’d highlight Florence (the capital of art), Lucca (a town full of secrets), San Gimignano (the medieval manhattan in the Tuscany), Pisa (more than the famous leaning tower) and Siena (the soul of Tuscany)

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