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Best way to travel from Moscow to St.Petersburg

Best way to travel from Moscow to St.Petersburg

There are many ways to travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg. You can go by car (slow, uncomfortable, …), by plane (expensive but fast) or by train. I’d recommend this last option because you save time (departs at 23:55 and arrives at 7am), it’s cheap (you save the price of the hotel for that night) and you feel like if you were in the movie “Doctor Zhivago”.

Amongst all, the best is the Red Arrow that started its first regular service in 1921 and even has its own theme song that plays as it departs from Leningradsky Station (Komsomolskaya Metro Station, the most beautiful in Moscow). You won’t see any tourists (just locals), you’ll get a great night’s sleep (trust me…)… and its exciting! I went with my wife. At the beginning she wasn’t very convinced, but in the end she finally loved it!

The official web site for the train system of Russia and the CIS
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These are some of the highest ranked books in Amazon about Moscow, one of the best places in the world:

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Guatemala's best lakes and lagoons

Guatemala’s best lakes and lagoons

Guatemala is full of volcanoes, some of them feature turquoise lagoons, which fill their craters and stand 2,700 meters above sea level. Many of them are considered sacred by locals. I went there in 1993. I Especially liked Semuc Champey (natural pools), Ayarza (sleeping overnight at its shore is unforgettable) or Atitlan (the bigger and most popular, where I had the chance of doing water skiing in between the volcanoes!!). My friend Norma from Guatemala told me I missed Chicabal Lagoon and Lachua (the sky’s mirror) 🙂

Lakes and Lagoons, Semuc Champey, Atitlan

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